What started as just a season to "get through" is now your norm. And you feel stuck. 

But, what if you COULD feel better than you have in years? What if your provider was your PARTNER and taught you how to BREAKTHROUGH your burnout and CREATE health and happiness to last a lifetime? 

Meet HYGGE HEALTH CO. A NEW type of healthcare that focuses on VITALITY. Your current situation doesn't have to be your future. Learn how to break the cycle of overwhelm.  

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Do you feel STUCK in a routine of self-sabotage?

No matter how many goals you set, do your old habits return? You CAN gain control and create your desired life. Set yourself up for success, instead of failure. Say GOODBYE to exhaustion and HELLO to boundless energy. Nurse Practitioner, Adrian Hygge, focuses on optimizing your lifestyle to create a LIFETIME of health, not just mask your symptoms. 

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Do you feel CONFUSED about what to eat?

Should you eat Keto? Paleo? Vegetarian? Vegan? Plant-Based? It's exhausting just thinking about it! Food is so POWERFUL. It can energize OR drain you, create health OR disease. Get clarity about how to eat for ENERGY and LONGEVITY. You'll discover how to feel better than you have in YEARS and feel AMAZING without dieting. 

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Want to discover tools for LIFELONG health?

Health is not simply the absence of symptoms, but a state of VITALITY. After reversing multiple chronic illnesses, Adrian traded in her medications for textbooks and completed her NP degree. She developed the WholeHealth (TM) approach to help you not only feel better, but live a FULLER life. You deserve to be healthy AND happy.

Become the Happiest Person You Know. 

-Gabby Bernstein

If you feel like you can't be at peace until all of the boxes are checked off on your list, what if we discovered ways to simplify your schedule and created space for the things that FILL YOU UP instead of DRAIN you?

To remedy their overwhelm, my clients previously needed to visit their healthcare provider, a nutritionist AND a coach separately. That's a lot of visits to juggle, not to mention the commitment of time and money. Frustratingly, there is also a lack of communication between different providers, so my clients were always spending part of their appointments bringing the other provider up-to-date on the latest changes. Instead of making progress, clients felt stuck.  

Not anymore. I believe we're on Earth to do more than just "check boxes." Hygge Health Co. is an all-in-one solution. I utilize a WholeHealth (TM) approach to life. Since there often isn't a one-size-fits-all solution, I customize each program to best suit YOUR individual needs. 

Ready to get started?

Get to the ROOT of your exhaustion:

  • Find out if there's an underlying medical issue.
  • Discover your stress trigger that might be sabotaging your health.
  • Uncover a personalized plan to start living free of burnout.

Let me help CONNECT THE DOTS with you!

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