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Three years ago, I was exhausted, struggling with burnout and ready to hit the EJECT button.

Technically, I should have been happy. I had a successful career, loving husband, a great home and the best dog. Even still, I felt trapped. I was going through the day-to-day motions of doing everything I'd been told I should do. Yet, following shoulds left very little time for myself and I felt like I was DROWNING. 

Looking back, it's hard to believe just how MISERABLE I was. Even though I knew I wasn't alone in my struggle, (SO MANY other women also suffer), I didn't know how to move beyond it.

Thankfully, along the way, I discovered how to remedy my burnout for good and I want to share the one thing that turned it all around for me...

The #1 Thing that 93% of Women Do that Causes Burnout (and How to Easily Fix It)

Get Your Life Back. FINALLY.

What if you were EXCITED to wake up each morning?

Too much of a stretch? Yeah, I get it. Does this sound more familiar?

Your life is one, long, never-ending to-do list. It feels like no matter what you do, no matter how many boxes you check off, feeling at peace remains out of reach. You're EXHAUSTED.

Forget the idea of actually being happy.

And if you're honest, there are days you don't feel like you even deserve to be happy. You tell yourself that this is what you signed up for: the career, marriage, the house, kids and a dog for good measure. What you thought would make you happy (and seems to make everyone else happy), isn't cutting it for you. Most days, you feel too overwhelmed to appreciate it all.

It feels like everyone, but you, is happy.

So, you bide your time. When things at work slow down or maybe when the kids are out of the house, you'll finally feel like yourself again and get to do the things that make you happy.

TIMEOUT. Is this the story you're telling yourself? Are you willing to continue to put your life on hold to find out?


In addition to burnout causing exhaustion, here are some other things you might be experiencing:

  • Trouble with losing weight and keeping it off
  • Chronic feelings of mild depression and/or anxiety
  • Feeling overwhelmed or fatigued throughout the day
  • You struggle with overeating, no matter how many diets you've tried
  • You have feelings of bitterness, resentment or unhappiness that are spilling over to every area of your life
  • You experience low energy, even after a good night's sleep 
  • You're dealing with chronic illnesses like: IBS, Thyroid imbalances, Adrenal issues, Autoimmune disorders, Inflammation, Elevated blood pressure, Skin issues, Diabetes and/or Heart disease

Thankfully, these don't have to be your future.

Even if you've tried diets that failed or meditated and struggled to focus, or exercised but the scale didn't budge; you still don't have to settle. There is another option.

The truth is, you can't remedy burnout merely focusing on just one area of your life and ignoring all of the others. Medications, hitting your step goal or mindlessly meditating aren't going to get you the results you need.

To cure burnout for good, I developed what I call the WholeHealth (TM) approach. This approach works, when others haven't, because it addresses the ROOT of EXHAUSTION and heals it from the inside out, instead of placing a band-aid on your symptoms.

Through the WholeHealth (TM) Approach, you'll learn how to change from a life of OVERWHELM, to one of:

  • Looking forward to waking up each day (yes, EVEN on Monday mornings!)
  • Discover energy to not only get through the day, but also for the things that make you happy. 
  • More time and mental space to fully appreciate your kids and family. 
  • No longer "live for the weekend," but find joy in the simple, every day. #HyggeLife
  • Work won't feel like a drag.
  • Release the "inevitability" of family illnesses. Your genes don't have to be your destiny!

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"You are amazing at what you do! Thank you for inspiring me to be more proactive about my health! Since our meeting and when you discovered my A1C levels were not so good, I have lost almost 35 pounds and am much healthier today than I was on that day! Thank you for empowering me with the information I needed to make necessary changes NOW before it was too late! ... You are a very rare (and much appreciated) jewel for us!"

- Monica B.


"I'm so thankful for my time with Adrian. Working with her helped me see how the different aspects of my lifestyle, stress level and rest all contribute to my overall health. As a mom, taking care of these things is often last on my list. But, she helped me see the necessity of making them a priority and her encouragement helped me make changes that truly improved my health, my mindset and even be a BETTER mom! I could tell that Adrian truly cared about my well-being, which made it even easier to be honest about issues I was facing. She was so much fun to work with."

-JoAnna J.


"Adrian is the epitome of nursing: patient, reliable and continually sought to find viable solutions for me concerning blood pressure, anxiety and weight. She clearly demonstrated a passion to aid me, in need of constant reassurance, that consistent life changes would benefit the wide spectrum of health problems I was facing... It is difficult to find that personality who never makes a person, as a patient, feel judged or ignorant, or demonstrates a condescending manner. Adrian is that caregiver."

 -Jill H.

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