Exercise Isn't Just for Weight Loss

Mar 26, 2020

Sometimes we can minister to the soul through the body. -Gretchen Rubin

Intentional movement is about so much more than losing weight. 📣 Sometimes, the best way to mend a broken or distressed heart is to move and move HARD. ⁠

Intense exercise has an almost magical way of alleviating stress, but it also moves fear, anger, and disappointment through the body. (Trust me, some of my highest watts and fastest speeds have been during seasons of navigating drama. At least, I can find the silver lining, right? ;) )⁠

In the exam room, the mention of exercise is often accompanied by an eye roll or sigh. But, instead of dreading it, what if we allowed it to be a nurturing form of self-care? 💞⁠

What form of exercise gives you the most relief? ⁠


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